Steady Diet is a comics anthology series in which 12 Australian comic artists explore their relationship with food. 

After my contribution to Blueprint Comics previous anthology, Meet Me In The Pit, I was approached to work as Art Director/Designer on this book.

I was responsible for the branding, logo and overall art direction of everything outside of the stories themselves.

You can (and should) buy a copy of Steady Diet  and a very fashionable tote: HERE

CW: Depression, Death.

In 2018 I was approach by Blueprint Comics to contribute a story to their anthology series Meet Me In The Pit. 
MMITP is a series of three page stories in which Australian comic artists explore their relationship with music and what it means for them.

At the time I was at the end of what felt like a long tunnel in which I had compartmentalized a lot of pain and anguish around the death of my dad.
I used the opportunity to explore those feelings and turned them into the story below. 

If you want to support Australian independent comics you can do so at Blueprints Comic's Gumroad store or Instagram page.
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