Steady Diet is a comics anthology series in which 12 Australian comic artists explore their relationship with food. 

After my contribution to Blueprint Comics previous anthology, Meet Me In The Pit, I was approached to work as Art Director/Designer on this book.

I was responsible for the branding, logo and overall art direction of everything outside of the stories themselves.

You can (and should) buy a copy of Steady Diet  and a very fashionable tote: HERE

In 2018 I was approach by Blueprint Comics to contribute a story to their anthology series Meet Me In The Pit.  A series of three page stories in which Australian comic artists explore how music informs their art.

At the time I was working through  a lot of anguish surrounding the death of my  Dad and I used the opportunity to explore that. 

If you want to support Australian independent comics you can do so at Blueprints Comic's Gumroad store or Instagram page.
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