My first game jam was in 2018 and sInce then I've jumped at the opportunity to do as many as I've been able to attend, both online and offline.

Skeleton Party was made for Ludum Dare 46.
The theme was "Stayling Alive".

 Game design & Programming by Jae
Game design, Sound &  Writing by Justin Tam 
Programming & Game design by Jake Funke
Art & Game Sesign by Me

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Created as part of the Haunted PS1 Community's Wretched Weekend Game Jam
Game by Colter Wehmeier
Music by Azurite Coast
Graphic Design/Illustrations by Me
Coding by selewi & inflatableplatypus
Music & SFX by Romain Rope
Game and narrative design by Tozy
Modelling & Texturing by Me

Watch Alpha Beta Gamer play the game

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Rat Catcher was made as part of a week long internal gamejam at S1t2 creative. 

Created by: 
Stephen O'Callaghan, Nicholas Ferrar and Francisco Rebello.
Created by:
Inge Berman - Artist
Jack Condon - Programming, Tech Art
Scott Cotterell - Artist
Joel Flanagan - Tech Art
Tunpitcha Ladapornvitaya - Artist
Allan Pooley - Programming, Sound
Music by Aio
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