- Finalist for AR/VR Game of the  Year in The Rookies 2018. -
'Sundial VR' was an immersive experience concepted by myself and created in collaboration with Erica Valentini, Andrew Begue and Chana Corna.
It was featured at the Billy Blue Graduate Exhibition 2018

In 'Sundial VR' the viewer was placed in front a wheel that exists in both physical and virtual space that when rotated, controls the position of the sun in the sky. 

 By eliminating conventional controllers we aimed to make a VR experience that could be enjoyed in a gallery setting while also exploring the effects of a true haptic controller that had weight and momentum.

ROLES: Director, 3D Artist, Level Designer, Controller fabrication.

TOOLS USED: Oculus DK2, Unreal Engine 4, Maya,Photoshop and a bespoke controller created with a wireless mouse.
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